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Key topics:   ?HK's Return: 25th Anniversary ?China Mosaic


Xi stresses listening to people's voices through internet, other channels

Chinese President Xi Jinping has underscored the importance of better listening to the people's voices by making use of the internet and other channels.

BRICS countries to consolidate, advance cooperation momentum: MOC

BRICS countries will further consolidate and advance the momentum of cooperation to promote the BRICS mechanism as an accelerator of global economic recovery and sustainable development, Vice Commerce Minister Wang Shouwen said Friday.

10th Asia-Pacific Translation and Interpreting Forum kicks off

The 10th Asia-Pacific Translation and Interpreting Forum kicked off in Beijing on Saturday under the theme of "Collaborating in the World of Translation and Interpreting: New Changes and New Modes in the New Era."

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What Shakespeare can teach us about China-EU relations

Although Shakespeare is most known for his contributions to the English language, his works also reveal important insights into human nature that can offer guidance in China-EU relations.


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